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Violent incidents, although still relatively rare, are a concerning trend across many sectors of the community. Although many organizations utilize modern security systems and procedures, comprehensive staff training is an often overlooked, but vitally important, component of this. Without effective training, there is a high likelihood that personnel will not be able to respond or mitigate a threat no matter what physical measures are in place.

Organizations need to rely on their personnel to be proactive in helping avoid or warn of emergency situations before they happen. Staff should feel enabled and confident enough to report suspicious circumstances, or take emergency action, when appropriate.


Training Classes

Astrea’s training classes are tailored specifically for each audience, with most emphasizing our cornerstone theme of Proactive Situational Awareness. This key concept is reinforced through a variety of instructor led classroom lessons and practical skills workshops, all based on the organization’s own policies and procedures. Astrea team members draw their knowledge from years of personal experience in managing critical incidents, transferring each lesson into practical, logical steps that can be implemented by all personnel in an emergency situation. Astrea instructors have successfully trained thousands of personnel in the vital skills needed to confidently deal with emergencies should they occur. 

Common Training Topics Include: